Important people around us

There are important people around us. People who look you in the eye when you speak to them, and listen carefully to what you say. People whose immediate response when you ask them for help is 'Of course, what can I do?'. People who do more, care more, invest more in both themselves and those around them. They are always learning and share their knowledge freely. People whose names come to mind first when you're thinking who to ask.

They are leaders without a title.

Because being a leader is much more than a title, and often the best leaders aren't always those near the top of the management tree. But if they are, then it's a sure sign of a great place to work.

We can all be a leader without a title. And by doing so, you will live a more exciting, productive, fulfilling and inspiring life that you thought imaginable.

Leaders without a title:

  • Get stuff done
  • Help others get stuff done
  • Take responsibility
  • Know that self-development never ends
  • See change as a positive event
  • Are a master of their craft
  • Have a vision
  • Understand emotional intelligence
  • Cultivate relationships
  • Develop their coaching skills
  • Build community and help others succeed
  • Develop more leaders
  • Are a force of good, rather than negativity in the workplace
  • Smile. A lot.
  • Chose their words well
  • Are compassionate
  • Care deeply

If you want to become more important, move your focus from your job title. Just start being a leader where you are right now. Everything else will follow.

I know many people who sit at the lowest levels of organisations who have no authority. But absolutely are leaders. Because they’ve made the choice to look after the person at the left of them, and to take care of the person to the right of them. That is what it means to be a leader. A position of authority simply means that you get to operate at a greater scale and influence more people.
— Simon Sinek

Here is what Simon says about creating environments in which those around us will thrive.


Unsure where to start? Start with why. Work your strengths and utilise the powers you already have. Spend some time understanding your weaknesses, and turn them around. Find blogs, books and people who inspire you.

Ask others for reading material and join a leadership journal club. Never heard of one? Nor have I, so let's find some people and start one.


If you think this is important, join the positive leadership movement and talk about these issues. Share/like on social media, so others know you believe in it and the word spreads. Be the change you want to see in our health care systems.